Island Comic Haul

March 30, 2024

Island Comic Haul

This Easter weekend, I had made a quick overnight trip to Vancouver Island to visit the some family who were here from my home town of Regina, SK. I made sure to carve out some time to make a stop by a little gem of what was a book store with a corner full of unsorted gems, and is now a slightly more organized and categorized dedicated comic book store. Here's a recap of the box full I left with, just over an hour later.

This is just this is his character silo who with time has become problematic but what it was is the they took this British one put her in a Japanese body and made it’s a very weird character but anyway I always like that like it’s just fluff

So this is an odd series. This is by this guy, Keith Giffin, who I have liked he did a lot of titles that I really liked for DC but when image opened up in the 90s, which was a little disruptive company he went there and did one series called Trent and I’ve never read it, but he recently passed away and now this has gotten some new attention so I found issue one we’re gonna test it out.

I don’t know what this is but I think so. Marvel did this thing in the 2000s where they launched a bunch of comic books out of continuity so that they weren’t any comic books on anyway and I think this is by this guy Paul Pope. I have no idea what this is but you know strange I’m just looking forward to that but Paul Pope , I bet this is really weird

OK, so this is drawn by this guy Jose Luis Garcia Lopez when he was a big artist, he was like the visual face of DC comics in the 80s and he designed most of the characters or at least took those characters and did their designs appear across all media he was a great artist and but he didn’t do a lot of light Regular comics, but he had a great affinity for this character deadman and so he did this for issue series, but this is very probably beautiful art and I can’t wait to just look at that if nothing else for the art.

So I have no idea what this is but so it’s drawn by this guy, Mike Kuta, Michael Kuta who typically did a lot of like fantasy art but I’ve never seen this. This is for some ever seen this but this would’ve been from the early 80s. It’s got some like classic writers for sure but it’s a think it’s a limited series where they did some really weird stories but I’ve never seen it and I hope it’s really fucking weird and awesome.

So this guy Jim Starlin I’ve heard of this series I’ve never read it so Marvel had a small imprint called epic that ran like in the 80s where they did like Science Fiction and not superhero stuff and this Jim Starlin he was big and marvel, but he was sort of like him he was a poor man DC guy actually created the character Thanos, which is like huge marvel now but he was a rip off of DC character so this guy Jim Starlin and I know he’s alive so don’t speak poorly but he often ripped off DC characters for marvel and but this is his own title and he was also like it was the Hino. He’s a product of the 70s things were a little more like psychedelic and sci-fi but I mean this is a complete run. You know that’s a gem.

So in the in the lake late 70s early 80s sad there’s a big comic book explosion and companies just couldn’t survive so DC in particular bought up some of the smaller companies than owned their characters and so captain Adam is one of the characters that they bought from this company called Carlton comics, and it was those characters that were used to do watchmen which Became an incredibly iconic comic series and Zach Snyder did a terrible movie about, but so this is sort of the original version of like Dr. Manhattan, but he got a series. I think it was like an 87 and but it was drawn by this guy had Broderick who didn’t draw a lot before or after, but it has a very particular art style and this is a complete run. I had a lot of this. I don’t know if I had the complete run because I was a child on buying comics on, my allowance, but this guy was really stood out, but this was really interesting. Characters never had that much attention since.

So this so you know, and then DC has to retire like the justice league because they can tell so many stories so they they kind of close that franchise down a mini series called crisis on earth but they gave it to the guy who did adventure and he re-launched it with a much more international scope and this was a really odd take on comics, and this guy drew Kevin Maguire. This style had not been seen in comics before or even since he still doesn’t covers, but he doesn’t do it, but this is a beautiful Visually and a really odd take on the justice league that you see there’s no superman there’s no wonder woman there you know yeah there’s Batman. There’s almost always Batman but you know an odd choice and Green Lantern, black Canary and some really typically lesser exposed characters, but the art is just beautiful, and this is actually probably gonna be drawn from when they launch the new DC Movie universe, but I had all this, but I sold it over the years so this and great shape for $37. This is a gem. This is the stuff I looked up was 200 bucks on eBay for fewer issues in this.

This is just cheese. This is just an encyclopedia so Marvel and DC did something around the mid 80s so this is 82 where they just released you handbook but just list their characters and it’s like an encyclopedia of all the characters. This is the first time they did it it’s just cheese, but it’s it’s classic but I I remember that was expensive for me And marvel wasn’t my favourite universe so I didn’t buy this but this is a classic so there was this they’ve done this a few times since but this is the first time they did it and it’s just gonna be cheese, but yeah, this is just kind of nostalgia.