Justice League 1-22 May 1987

So this so you know, and then DC has to retire like the justice league because they can tell so many stories so they they kind of close that franchise down a mini series called crisis on earth but they gave it to the guy who did adventure and he re-launched it with a much more international scope and this was a really odd take on comics, and this guy drew Kevin Maguire. This style had not been seen in comics before or even since he still doesn’t covers, but he doesn’t do it, but this is a beautiful Visually and a really odd take on the justice league that you see there’s no superman there’s no wonder woman there you know yeah there’s Batman. There’s almost always Batman but you know an odd choice and Green Lantern, black Canary and some really typically lesser exposed characters, but the art is just beautiful, and this is actually probably gonna be drawn from when they launch the new DC Movie universe, but I had all this, but I sold it over the years so this and great shape for $37. This is a gem. This is the stuff I looked up was 200 bucks on eBay for fewer issues in this.